Whether you are single, married or have a family, or are heading into retirement, London, Ontario is an excellent place to live. There is a neighbourhood for almost every budget, new communities being built on the expanding perimeter, and gorgeous old estates if you really want to make a splash.
For The Young Professional

If you’re just out of college or not quite ready to settle down in a single-family home, you’re likely looking for a condo or small home with easy access to shops, restaurants, bars, and the nightlife scene. Naturally, you might think of Downtown, and that’s not a bad idea! But we’d also like you to consider North London.

North London, or Old North London, is a neighbourhood taking up the space between Downtown and Western University. This area, historically known for its old homes and beautiful parks, has had a resurgence of youth in the past few years. New condos and a vibrant commercial district can be found along Richmond Street. The neighbourhood’s rich history still gives the community a shine that makes it desirable and because of its proximity to Western University, it’s common for new graduates to want to stay in the area.

For The Growing Family

Plenty of schools, urban parks, sprawling yards, and streets well-suited for learning to ride a bike; what more would you like in a neighbourhood to raise your family? Byron, located in the city’s southwest area is our pick for the most family-friendly community in London.

Byron is made up of mostly middle-income families. A thriving commerce district offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy patio restaurants and local shopping. Byron is home to Springbank Park which is one of the largest parks in the city. You can wander the pathways that line the Thames River, play at the skatepark, or visit Storybook Gardens with your toddlers.

For The Nature Lover

Check out the area of Foxfield on London’s northeast side. Fox Field District Park has walking and biking trails. Snake Creek and Medway Creek intersect at the Medway Heritage Forest for an incredibly stunning escape from city life.

This neighbourhood is affordable for most families and has countless beautiful natural trails and sights to explore. But it also has plenty of city conveniences like access to shopping districts and great schools.

Not into Foxfield? Don’t worry! London is called the Forest City for a reason. The entire city has plenty of trees and parks to explore. There are a number of rivers and green spaces in every area of the city so no matter where you live, you aren’t going to be far from an escape from urban living. And since it only takes about half an hour to drive across the entire city, you won’t have to spend much time getting to any green space in London.

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